Back and Bigger Than Ever

Back from a long hiatus, the LSJUMBlog is back in action.

A lot has happened these past months. We watched happily as thousands of USC fans poured out of The Coliseum while over eight minutes remained on the clock. Also the USC band is now proudly going on sixteen years without having learned any new songs.

The Notre Dame AD decided that if you have Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate and you still can’t beat UCONN then perhaps you don’t have the schematic advantage that you thought you had. So five seasons of broken promises was enough and Charlie took his bowl o’ Lucky Charms and moved to Kansas City.

The Band went to El Paso and watched Arizona get completely demolished by Nebraska over our delicious enchilada dinner. At the Sun Bowl Battle of the Bands they tried to get us to stop playing but we were having none of that. We rocked so hard that the band following us stormed the stage to play ARN along with us. We won the Battle of the Bands by unanimous vote. Also, hello national television. Apparently the OU Band loves them some “Crazy Train”. They loved it so much they played it six times in one day (for the record that beats out UCLA’s five “Move Along” record set in 2008 at the Pac-10 Championship).

We celebrated New Years in the Stanford football parking lot. There were some laughs, some tears, and lots of enthusiasm. It was a time of reflection for the Band as we recalled 2009, a year filled with St. Louis and the Final Four, Martha’s Vineyard, an all expense paid Giants game, the end of Pete Carroll and Charlie Weis, and many other great memories.

2010 started with the administration making the enormous mistake of putting us up in the SLAC guest house, which for the record has terrible cell reception and all the coffee and bagels you could ever want, also the beloved birthplace of the microwave fo’tie.

In other news The Band has taken up men’s volleyball as a noble cause. Turns out it’s just as much volleyball as women’s but with half the red coats, and that makes it good.

Stay tuned for further developments. And for the first time ever, check online February 14th for a live-blogging of Dollie Day, minute-by-minute updates with hard-hitting analysis and even harder-hitting limericks.


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