Trees & Matzo

Having done a recent recap of 2009 we here at the LSJUMBlog think it only natural that we get everyone up to speed on our most recent activities.

Last week we were kindly invited to a tree re-planting ceremony on California Ave as crews labored under the stifling sun to give a silver lindens, southern live oaks, Freeman maples, Shumard oaks, valley oaks, and Chinese pistache trees. Turns out the sudden removal of the California Ave trees late last year caused quite an uproar among the citizens of Palo Alto. Above you can see the Toobz dancing with glee.

In other news the LSJUMB also made an appearance at a rally for campus unity at the Hillel House. They un-stereotypically offered us bagels, cream cheese, and lox. It is the recommendation of this particular blogger that you wikipedia "lox" before asking anyone what lox is, especially if that person is Jewish.

Dance Marathon, in a good faith gesture making up for last years miscommunication, brought us in early with plenty of time to play. The exhausted horde still mustered the strength to yell and rock out despite having danced for 23.75 hours straight. They also offered us copious amounts of food.

The day was made more complete by Tara and the basketball team going up 55-21 against USC. Unfortunately it was not to last and after a few glorious minutes Jayne went back to demolishing the Trojans.

Today (Sunday) marks one week until Dollie Day. Old fartz and young fartz alike should make haste back to campus where we wait with bated breath for this year's harbingers of joy and joyness.


Aran said...

How can I find out about LSJUMB appearances before they happen? Had I known you were making an appearance on California Ave. I would have been there along with my 2 year old son.

Patty said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time, I can't believe I missed it! I'm with "Aran" on this, where can we go to find out about future LSJUMB appearances?

Anonymous said...

This OF thinks that when there are rallies in public places, you should use the facebook page to announce them. That way fans on fb can go rtfo with the lsjumb.

ian said...

The blog is definitely amazing...